Get the Most out of Yoga – the 3 step Blueprint

Get the Most out of Yoga – the 3 step Blueprint

Stage 1: Purification and building up the correct disposition

The greatest advantages of any Yoga practice can be had when the psyche is ‘sanitized’ and the disposition is right. 

Yoga sets down clear pointers that the applicant ought to embrace towards himself and the public. These are laid out as Yamas and Niyamas

The Yamas are the social set of accepted rules which is 5 in number. They are Ahimsa (peacefulness), Satya (Truth), Asteya (Non-taking), Brahmacharya (poise), and Aparigraha (non-ownership) 

The Niyamas are the inner good code. The 5 Niyamas are Shauch (neatness), Santosh (satisfaction), Swadhyaya (self-examine), Tapas (starkness), and Ishwar Pranidhana (surrender to God). 

These Yamas and Niyamas are to be comprehended, guzzled and polished in regular day-to-day existence, 24×7. This adherence achieves an amazing sanitization process that makes the body most responsive to pick up the greatest out of yoga hones. 

Today, an even present-day solution has inseparably connected the mind-body intricate all in all for personal wellbeing support. w

Which just underlines the need for this cleaning procedure. 


Stage 2: Practice

Step 2: Practice
While working constantly at step 1, one should commence the practices. It is important (though not easy) to find the right Yoga teacher.


In Yoga, the paths are many but the goal is one. Accordingly, there are several schools which adhere to different paths as a focus. . For example, if your primary reason for Yoga is physical fitness, then research yoga schools with an extensive emphasis on Asanas of the Hatha Yoga kind. Contact them to locate a suitable teacher in your area.

At HealthAndYoga, we are constantly building an exhaustive teacher directory that helps connect aspirants to teachers. You can also search this exhaustive database by clicking here.

Remember, finding a suitable teacher is not easy and you may have to resort to several trials before you find someone whom you intuitively connect to. Also, as you grow in practice, you may find the need to move on to find more accomplished teachers.

Stage 3: Study and Reading

General investigation of Yoga books and Scriptures are an essential part of your self-awareness through Yoga.

Other than going about as motivational instruments when your soul is hailing, they give essential inconspicuous experiences which quite often goad you onto the following level. 

Surely, a normal investigation is the main genuine approach to develop without Guru, of whom the majority of us are unfortunately denied in our advanced way of life. 

Influencing this 3-to step process as your own outline will without a doubt enable you to get the most out of Yoga.

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