One-Year-Old Chef become internet attraction With His Cuteness And Cooking Skills!

One-Year-Old Chef become internet attraction


Cooking Skill: Chef Kobe has become a web sensation because of an Instagram account that his folks began  in order to share his adorable cooking videos.


The internet can often become an overwhelming place  with trolls and pessimism discovered wherever you explore.

But then, there’s a brighter more joyful side  to this apparently negative space as well that is pet videos and baby videos,

which cheer us up regardless of how awful our day is going.  One such  baby has become a web sensation on an Instagram account that his folks began, so as to share his cute cooking recordings  .

The videos as well as the account of the toddler is becoming a viral web sensation on Instagram  with hundreds of thousands of followers and views.  Take a look at a video

The account  name  is ‘Kobe Eats’  on the online social media platform It is managed by one-year-old Kobe’s folks – Ashley and Kyle..

The first video was posted on the Instagram profile on February 25th, 2020 and Kobe Eats is currently a viral  account  which has crossed 450k followers  on Instagram.


We are so appreciative for every one of you! 300K in only a couple of days! Stunning!  To celebrate, my momma and I baked M&M cookies! Also, I’ve never said DADA before… TILL TODAY IN THIS VIDEO!


My daddy was glad about that one since my first word was momma .I hope you enjoy my baking!!! because I did,” read the celebratory post for crossing 300k followers on Kobe’s account.


Every video by the record gets a great many likes comments and views from gushing viewers They can’t quit venerating the little one-year-old infant who quite enjoys the whole process of cooking.

With a little assistance from his mom he cooks each dish with a smile on his face while sneaking in bites of the ingredients too! Since Kobe is just a year old, he cannot say much but the cooking process indeed is therapeutic and a visual treat.

Internet sensation Kobe also has a bib of his own which proudly proclaims, “More please,” as he sits on his baby chair and samples his own cooking. The recipes that Kobe tries to make range from trending ones such as pancake cereal to more complicated ones such as maple-flavoured chicken


Take a look at some more videos of his recipes:


kobe_yn We made apple nachos! Mom was in charge of coring and slicing the apple and I was in charge of the toppings: almond butter, granola and some honey 🍯



kobe_yn Sheet pan nachos are a fave at my house! My favorite toppings are black beans and cheese!! 🧀 Cooking Skills

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