Tips to Boost Hair Growth in Just a Week

Tips to Boost Hair Growth in Just a Week

If you’re one of the unfortunate human beings suffering from alopecia or hair loss, you shouldn’t worry anymore. We’ve simplified the component you need – a great natural remedy that could forestall hair loss and boost your hair growth in only a short time! The great element is that the treatment is absolutely herbal and free from toxins, and you can effortlessly put together it from the comfort of your private home.

Boost Hair

Here’s what you want to do:

here’s what you want to do:


banana – ripe

beer – 50 ml

egg yolk – 1

olive oil – 1 tablespoon

honey – 1 tablespoon

Boost Hair


Dispose of the peel of the banana, we will want 1/2 of this ripe banana. The area is in a small blender (mixer) jar. Now upload beer, honey and egg yolk in the jar.

Combination (mix) it until you get a thick uniform paste.

Your hair mask is prepared to apply.

Practice a thick layer of this paste for your scalp and unfold it through the period of hair strands. Now cover your head with a shower cap and loosen up for an hour. After an hour, rinse the paste off hair using clean bloodless water.

You have to make and use this mask 2 to three times every week. Using it just for 2 weeks will display wonderful results and improved density in hair growth.

Egg yolk is stuffed with protein, nutrients, and fatty acids.

Boost Hair

Egg yolk additionally includes high quantities of nutrients like a,d, and e. these nutrients promote hair increase and save your hair fall. Olive oil is the other element of this mask, which allows reinforcing and softens your hair.

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