Detox Plan Lunches.What to eat?

Detox Plan Lunches.What to eat?

Vegetable soup and oatcakes

An extensive bowl of vegetable or lentil soup (either natively constructed or general store ‘new’) with oatcakes.

Tuna Fish and sweetcorn coat potato and plate of mixed greens

Coat potato finished with fish (canned in water) blended with sweet corn and characteristic yogurt and presented with serving of mixed greens.

Mediterranean serving of mixed greens with rice cakes

Rice cakes presented with rocket, avocado, tomatoes, crisp basil and dark pepper. In addition a modest bunch of unsalted nuts.

Guacamole with crudités

Custom made guacamole produced using avocado, lemon juice, crisp bean stew, tomatoes and garlic presented with vegetable crudités and oatcakes.


Tzatziki with crudités

Custom made tzatziki produced using common yogurt, garlic, cucumber and lemon juice presented with vegetable crudités and oatcakes.

Avocado and prawn plate of mixed greens

New avocado presented with prawns, a plate of mixed greens, balsamic vinegar, and lemon juice.

Coat potato with barbecued cod

Barbecued cod filet presented with coat potatoes and softly steamed vegetables.

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