Detox Plan for you breakfasts.What to eat?



Banana porridge

Banana porridge

Porridge made with water and finished with regular yogurt, banana, raisins and sweetened with nectar.

Organic product serving of mixed greens with yogurt and oats

Crisp organic product plate of mixed greens with characteristic yogurt and a sprinkling of oats.

Organic product smoothie made with crisp or solidified natural product.

Organic product smoothie produced using new natural product, common yogurt and nectar to sweeten if necessary.

Muesli and yogurt

Detox Plan for your breakfasts.What to eat?

Muesli and yogurt

Custom made muesli produced using oats, seeds, nuts and dried organic product presented with characteristic yogurt.

Crisp foods are grown from the ground

New products of the soil pot of normal yogurt sweetened with nectar.


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